What is art? * What counts as an aesthetic experience? * Does art have to beautiful? * Can one reasonably dispute about taste? * What is the relation between aesthetic and moral evaluations? * How to interpret a work of art? * Can we learn anything from literature, film or opera? * What is sentimentality? * What is irony? * How to think philosophically about architecture, dance, or sculpture? * What makes something a great portrait? * Is music representational or abstract? * Why do we feel terrified when we watch a horror movie even though we know it to be fictional?

In Conversations on Art and Aesthetics, Hans Maes discusses these and other key questions in aesthetics with ten world-leading philosophers of art. The exchanges are direct, open, and sharp, and give a clear account of these thinkers’ core ideas and intellectual development. They also offer new insights into, and a deeper understanding of, contemporary issues in the philosophy of art.

Published by Oxford University Press, May 2017.

1 Noel Carroll 480 x 360
9 Scruton 480x360
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